Faith and Firefly Fields

Welcome to Firefly Fields, my family’s home located in the foothills of North Carolina♥️ My husband and I have returned after six long years. Yep. Here we are… right back in the house we love on the property we love even more. We are the only people we know who have completely moved out of their home to return when things did not go as planned. (Side note here… remember that your plan is not always THE plan. We are living proof!) We are tickled to be home and in celebration of this blessing I have decided to share the joys and challenges we have experienced and continue to experience each day. You will meet (and love) our crazy family and hear family stories that we want to never be forgotten. I have life-lessons which I will randomly share, and, of course, you will hear my opinions straight “from the book of Amy.” I can’t wait to share things I love, scripture I cherish, and quotes that will force you to reflect. I am pretty sure you are going to smile some, laugh out loud quite a bit, and even shed a few tears now and then. ♥️

Yesterday I found some pictures that sparked a precious memory. Check them out as I provide details that must be shared to connect all the dots here. We decided to move from our NC house, which I will refer to as ♥️1555, because life happened. Hugh’s mom passed away suddenly, the kids were out and starting their adult lives, I was working in high-stress situations and living away from Hugh during the week (for the first time in 31 years) while he finished his last year before retirement. Life got tough (compared to what we were accustomed). Our family life changed so we thought it might make sense to start downsizing and preparing for retirement life. We thought we could be satisfied in our hometown. After all, my parents weren’t getting any younger and my siblings were all still around those parts. We’d just buy Hugh’s family homestead, he would retire and spruce up the place and piddle while I worked and finished up my years. We would sell the NC place and live happily ever after…(dot dot dot). 

Ha. No. The “happily ever after” part did not happen nor did the selling part. 

So here we are… fast forward five years and as you know by now, that plan (our plan) wasn’t the plan at all. We had made a decision and because of it, there were many sleepless nights and a level of worry that consumed us for a bunch of years. 

Now… Back to the precious pictures. I found the pictures I took on the EXACT day we found peace again. I remember the day like it was yesterday. We had gone to ♥️1555 for the weekend for regular maintenance kind of stuff. Hugh would mow for 12 or 13 hours and I would do whatever I could do in an empty house. That morning, I woke up to a beautiful sunrise. I can remember drinking my coffee and praying like crazy that a miracle would happen. A buyer would magically appear to save us. My anxiety was off the chain because deep down I was struggling with letting this beautiful place go but on the other hand I knew we could not hang on to it and move forward with our lives. Hugh and I could barely even discuss the topic… so we didn’t, and actually hadn’t in months. He was burdened with the labor involved with the upkeep of the property and we were both anxious to move on with our lives and to get settled. We decided that morning before he went to the fields that when he was done mowing we would go to “our spot” (aka THE hill). Over the years we occasionally enjoyed random adventures and happy hour on “THE hill” to watch the fireflies light up the fields. On this particular day when he came to pick me up, he seemed like something was up. He didn’t seem like the normal worn out person who had just bounced up and down on a tractor all day. I could tell he wanted to talk. So he did and what he said was the biggest surprise in a long time. He said, “Amy, I feel like God wants us here. This place has been on the market for 4 years. We have prayed about it and here we are… We bought this place to be our forever home and it must be God's plan for us to be here. I think we should move back.” ♥️♥️♥️

I was speechless for a bit (yes, I have experienced speechlessness a few times in my life). While I was trying to pull it together, he got off the tailgate and started walking away from me. He stopped a few yards away, bent down, and cut some wild daisies and headed back my way.

I was not expecting this from him. The daisies, yes, (he brought me fresh-cut wild daisies all the time) but not his sudden affirmation of faith regarding our future. Just like that. It all changed. Firefly Fields was alive again and a million pounds were lifted off my (our) shoulders. We were finally coming home to a place we should have never left. ♥️♥️♥️