All About Me...


So happy to finally have made it here. I have been promising people for a long time that I was going to share my stories in some form or fashion. Over the years I used to laugh and say to them, “you are going to read all about it one day – straight from the book of Amy.” And, would you just look at me. Right here. Sure as day. An author (of MY blog). Just for the record… I promised the Lord, and everyone else I knew, that if I could get through my dissertation, I would never again stay up all night or wake up at the crack of dawn to write. And, would you just look at me. Right here. Sure as day. Writing. I cannot help myself. I have learned that I love writing, I love sharing my stories, and I especially love using them to help others grow.

I am really just a small-town girl who has had a lot of opportunities across my state to grow in my profession and also to grow others, which happens to give me great satisfaction in my work. I have found that throughout our lives, we experience situations that mold us into the current versions of ourselves. Some of these experiences are incredible while others downright suck. My hope is to open the door for honest communication relating to all types. I come across struggling educators, struggling leaders, or just plain ole struggling people who need my words of wisdom and encouragement. By providing this, I am able to give them the “boost” they need to perform at a higher level. Sometimes I give them the confidence and courage they need to carry on with their true-life goals. I take great pride in growing people and helping them find peace in everyday living so that they can be the very best version of themselves. If I have done nothing else in my life, I can say when I put my head down at night, I have done my very best in improving people and situations. I know, for a fact, I have a made a difference in this world.

This blog is not just about my profession. It is about my journey (past, present, and future). It is about my whole life which cannot be shared without every part of me – my family, my work, and most importantly, my God. I have 53 years of life as a daughter, sister, child of God; 35 years as a wife; 32 years as an educator; 31 years as a mother; and 8 years as a YaYa. Yep, there a ton of stories and they are all mine – from the book of Amy!