Firefly Fields

Greetings from Firefly Fields

Thank you for joining me as I share many parts of “my world.” Before I decided to open an online store, my desire was to write and share, through my blog, stories, thoughts, and life lessons that might positively impact the lives of others. I have experienced a lot of things but the experiences and blessings of being a daughter, a granddaughter, a sister, a wife, a mother, a grandmother (aka YaYa), a life-long educator, and a leadership coach, have led me here. All of these things have made me who I am and brought me to the realization of who I want to be♥️.

I have so many ideas, thoughts, and stories to share… some are sad, some are inspirational, some are unbelievable, and for the most part, most are just plain ole stories that I want to document so that they never go away. You will discover that I love to use quotes and scripture to make relevant points regarding aspects of everyday life. Whether it is a story, a quote, a scripture, or just a plain comment, reflect on what I share… reflection (personal and professional) has been proven to be one of the strongest personal growth mechanisms… take advantage of doing it and each day you will grow a little and always be the best version of yourself♥️. 

My personal goal is to continuously grow and improve every day so that I will be a better me tomorrow than I am today. My intention is to inspire everyone who reads my blog to grow with me. Life is complex. It is a bunch of things tightly bound by the life we lead and the dreams we have. My ultimate goal as a 50-something year old is to glorify my maker’s name every chance I get and hopefully leave a legacy bigger than myself when I am gone from this world♥️.

 Again, thanks for being a part of this little venture. You will find that some of my stories are connected with the things I sell... it’s my way of staying connected and keeping my favorite things close ♥️.

Shop. Read. Enjoy!